Channel Connect 2023


We invite you to Channel Connect conference, which will be held in Almaty in a hybrid format. Each attendee will be able to connect online to participate in the event.

Channel Connect is an excellent opportunity to learn about Windows, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft 365, new devices, trends, and industry changes.

Date: March 29, 2023

Time: 06:00 - 14:00


During Channel Connect, you'll have the opportunity to hear important news from Microsoft and partners, and you'll also hear about business drivers, neural networks, and artificial intelligence opportunities.


  • new features of Windows
  • overview of trends in the market of computer solutions
  • commercial products of ASUS
  • presentation by a representative of Dell
  • security: news about Microsoft products
  • why updating operating systems is an essential step towards security and how SOC can help with this
  • purchase of licensed products
  • Genuine Club, a club of trusted suppliers
  • Microsoft partner program
  • Microsoft ExpertZone training platform
  • recent advances in artificial intelligence tools: cognitive and Open AI services in Azure
  • responsible business
  • why it is important to be eco-friendly
  • summarizing the conference results