fischertechnik are unique German designers for the development and entertainment of children of all ages. Created in 1965, the fischertechnik platform has 5 series of different complexity and focus for children of all ages. Constructors have a unique mechanism for connecting blocks and are designed for applied learning. Building prototypes of real mechanisms and devices, the child will be able to master the operation of the laws of physics, chemistry, the principles of engineering, electronics and programming at the highest level. იხილეთ მეტი


fischertechnik has been inspiring children, students, teachers and engineers since 1965! The fischertechnik constructors are "Made in Germany" and convey basic technical knowledge in a playful way, in line with the company's motto "Understanding technology through play"! 


The Fischertechnik universal basic building block is the basis for all Fischertechnik construction sets. The basic building block allows you to add other blocks on all six sides. Blocks are combined, creating a logical concept. From wonderful basic building blocks to exquisite technological details, you can combine them together. No matter how complex the models are, you can always use parts from any fischertechnik kit in them. 


fischertechnik building blocks meet many pedagogical requirements with their own single system without other aids or special instructions. fischertechnik teaches basic technical knowledge and contributes to the development of: 

- hand-eye coordination,

- large and fine motor skills,

- abilities for spatial thinking,

- imagination and creativity,

- the skill of logical thinking.


Each set includes comprehensive, easy-to-follow building instructions and learning materials to help your child build and discover the exciting world of fischertechnik. 


In addition to building instructions, the complex sets also offer the fischertechnik e-learning portal, where children can learn online. Here are fascinating didactic booklets and reference information with a large number of tasks and solutions for various themes of construction kits. 


The wide acceptance among parents, teachers and engineers makes the fischertechnik not only a valuable educational toy, but also a successful teaching tool in schools and universities. 


In addition to construction kits and training kits, the company also offers pre-assembled compact functional and simulation models for training, demonstration, development planning and testing of various industrial technical processes, which are now especially relevant in the field of Industry 4.0.

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