Vertica Systems is a software company for managing analytical databases. Vertica was founded in 2005 by database researcher Michael Stonebreaker იხილეთ მეტი


The main goal of the widespread digitalization of business is to obtain quite practical and measurable results. Increasing the efficiency of the company, which gives it a real competitive advantage in the market, is based on the automation of business processes and the widespread introduction of Business intelligence (BI) tools. At the same time, BI methods show themselves the better, the more data an analytical system can receive.


One of the brightest representatives of "column" DBMS, which is often called "analytical", is Vertica. Meeting the high demands of Enterprise-level companies, it differs from other DBMS not only in the principle of storage organization, but also in a number of other features that allow achieving performance and reliability unattainable for classical solutions.


Among them, for example, a higher degree of compression of data stored in columns and an architecture with massive parallelism than that of the "lower" DBMS. In addition, Vertica can be deployed on a linearly scalable cluster of peer-to-peer servers and is infrastructure independent. It can function equally well on general-purpose servers, in cloud environments, and demonstrate high reliability. The ability to organize a two-component storage, part of which is located in RAM, also helps to increase the performance of a DBMS that is already capable of processing millions of data columns per second. At the same time, work with Vertica can be quickly mastered by engineering personnel who have skills in using SQL.


Modern large companies want to extract additional value from their huge corporate repositories, a significant proportion of the content of which is the so-called Dark data. And they need such a tool in order to get the most out of their BI practices or learn how to effectively use the available "big data".

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