ARDESTO coffee makers: energy boost for the whole day

მთავარი სიახლეები ARDESTO coffee makers: energy boost for the whole day

It’s so nice to start the morning with a cup of strong and aromatic coffee in winter. ARDESTO brand offers a range of drip coffee makers for lovers of freshly brewed filter coffee; they are productive, affordable, easy to use and maintain. ARDESTO coffee makers will prepare the drink independently, helping users save time for something more important.

The control types of the presented models are modern touch or classic mechanics.

A cup of coffee will taste even better if you use freshly ground beans. ARDESTO WCG-8301 coffee grinder will be an excellent assistant for this.


Benefits of ARDESTO drip coffee makers:

  • Easy to operate and maintain. Coffee makers will prepare your favorite drink with literally one button press. Just add water, put a couple of spoons of ground beans in the compartment and in a couple of minutes two cups of real filter coffee will be ready. Maintenance of such coffee makers will not be difficult: the reusable filter is easy to clean under running water.
  • Affordable price. Drip coffee makers are more affordable for home use, unlike pump espresso coffee makers or capsule-type models.
  • High performance. With a drip coffee maker, you can prepare coffee for a large company - for the whole family or for a work team. Glass coffee pots with a capacity of 1.2/1.5 l make it possible to immediately prepare a sufficient number of servings.
  • Heating mode. The user can brew a lot of coffee in the morning and drink it throughout the day thanks to the temperature maintenance mode.
  • No grounds. Freshly brewed filter coffee is completely free of grounds.
  • Not only coffee, but also tea. The design of the coffee maker makes it possible to brew tea, including small-leaf and herbal tea.



Whether it's coffee or tea, aromatic drinks will help you warm up on cold winter days and create an atmosphere of comfort with family and friends.

პროდუქტები პუბლიკაციიდან
პროდუქტები პუბლიკაციიდან
კოდი: FCM-D2100
1 ლარი*
Drip coffee maker for ground coffee with a power of 900 W. It is equipped with timer, heated coffee pot, removable reusable filter and is suitable for tea preparation.
კოდი: FCM-D3100
1 ლარი*
Drip coffee maker for ground coffee with a power of 900 W, timer, heated coffee pot and the option to choose the strength of the drink. The FCM-D3100 coffee maker is equipped with a touch control unit with a display and a removable reusable filter. FCM-D3100 is suitable for tea preparation.
კოდი: FCM-D3200
1 ლარი*
Drip Coffee Maker Ardesto Ardesto FCM-D3200. Drip coffee maker with a capacity of 900 W for use in domestic and similar conditions: shops, offices, hotels, etc. The 1.5 l coffee pot is made of borosilicate glass resistant to high and low temperatures. The device is convenient to operate, has a stylish display with white backlight, removable washable filter and anti-drip system.