2E shredders for documents and other media such as CDs, credit cards, etc. are available for order.
When developing the 2E smartwatch, special attention was paid to endurance and toughness for use in almost any conditions. Long battery life - up to three weeks or more - is typical for all 2E smartwatches. No need to constantly monitor...
The 2E brand B2720B frameless monitor provides comfortable work, web surfing, movie watching and gameplay. The 27-inch monitor is equipped with a high-tech VA-matrix with a response speed of 5 ms, so this model pleasantly surprises...
Being constantly connected is how most people live. Smartphones easily cope with this task. As for the communication safety, especially while driving, convenient assistants - holders - will come in handy here. They allow you to use...
The 2E brand presents a representative of a new generation of smartwatches – 2E SmartClock. This device is a clock, alarm clock, FM radio, speaker system and wireless charging device in a patented dual housing, which guarantees high-quality...
If you follow these tips, the battery will work better and the operating time will increase significantly.
გვინდა თქვენი ყურადღება მივაპყროთ 2E კომპანიის ახალ წყალგაუმტარ ყურსასმენებს მიკროფონით - RainDrops Light True Wireless, რომელიც გააოცებს არა მხოლოდ დამოკიდებულ მუსიკალურ მოყვარულებს, არამედ რაღაც ელეგანტური და თანამედროვეს ენთუზი...